Medical Massage

The therapeutic treatment of physiological ailments resulting from either injury, accident, or disease process.

Medical massage is primarily the application of a specific treatment plan to target the specific need(s) that the patient presents with a diagnosis.  A medical massage may be a therapy prescribed by a physician, and is intended to resolve conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician.  

The massage therapist can use a variety of modalities or techniques, but will focus the medical massage session on the areas of the body related to the diagnosis.  Medical massage should be seen as complimentary to the work of your medical practitioner.  You should always get a medical diagnosis for any health problem before you use a massage therapist.

Non-prescribed therapy may also be administered where a massage therapy professional's assessment shows soft tissue imbalances.  

When massage therapists and physicians coordinate their ability to diagnose and treat patients, the patient is a big winner!



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