Pregnancy Massage

We offer a special pregnancy massage  cushion system that allows our mothers-to-be to lie safely and comfortably on their tummies through the late stages of pregnancy.  What a relief!

A  g-r-o-w-i-n-g  abdomen is completely supported in the soft cut out in the cushion and also gently supports breasts. Pregnancy massage clients are so comfortable getting a full body massage without the awkward bolsters and side-lying positions.  We're able to treat our mommies-to-be throughout their 9 month pregnancy term, with their doctor's approval.  Some of the most common issues associated with pregnancy that can be relieved are backaches, poor circulation, fatigue, shoulder tension, numbness and swelling.

The positive endorphins released during a pregnancy massage may also produce a feeling of euphoria. 

Happy mommy - happy baby!

pregancy massage cushion


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