"Nicole is the best massage therapist , very neat & clean place . I recommend every body to try at least once, after going to her I never thought to go somewhere else. I had bad pain in my left shoulder,  after one hour getting massage from her , the pain is gone for ever. I highly recommend every one who has pain or stress , she is only one who can help you. She has golden & magic hands"
- Ken, New York, NY
"I have been seeing Nicole since March for a significant back problems brought on by a spinal fracture. I have found her to be an empathetic, very knowledgeable and professional therapist. She is genuinely concerned about her client's well-being. .My back problems are slowly getting better with her help. If you need a massage therapist in the Great Neck area Nicole is the one to see".
- Gene, San Francisco, CA
"I can't remember who referred me to Nicole about 14 years ago, but I haven't been to anyone else anywhere in the world (about 10 countries since). There isn't anyone in this position who knows and understand the body as well as Nicole. The best thing about her is that her hands land exactly precision perfect on where the problem is even if you didn't tell her. Looking forward to the next 14 years!"

- Ariel, Great Neck, NY

"I have been receiving wondrous massages from Nicole Nahmias for the last seven years and only wish that I had found her sooner! Out of many massage therpists that I have experienced, some from the top spas in the country, by far she is the most talented and effective. Nicole does everything to make every massage all about you, from the moment she greets you with her warm personality, to creating a healing environment with soothing music, treatment oils, and heated massage table until you walk out the door, or should I say walk on air out the door. She knows exactly how to treat all kinds of chronic ergonomic issues, 'weekend warrior' aches and pains, or just to address overall body fatigue. Massage is so much a part of a healthy life regimen and with Nicole, it is also a wonderful pleasure. I have bought gift certificates for friends and they all agree."

- Suzanne, Kings Point, NY

"Nicole is not just good, but the absolute best massage therapist you will find anywhere. She has extremely sensitive, strong hands with the ability to adjust the treatment to suit the client's condition. Her knowledge of the muscular/skeletal system is excellent which enables Nicole to accurately identify the areas that are in need of massage. I have received massage therapy literally around the world. Therefore, I am in a position to compare Nicole's performance in relation to many high quality and well-trained massage therapists in world-class facilities. You can't go wrong with being her patient and I unqualifiedly recommend her. In addition, you get as a bonus a truly wonderful human being who is thoughtful, sensitive, and a great listener."

- Herb, Manhasset, NY

"Nicole is a great massage therapist. She is smart, knowledgeable and will work with you to tailor her massages to your needs. In my case she has designed special therapeutic massages for my specific problems and these have helped alleviate my symptoms consistently. I highly recommend her for not only comfort massage but also if you have something that hurts and are looking for relief."

- Eric, Great Neck, NY
"Nicole gives the perfect massage at every session. She tailors each visit by assessing my physical condition and emotional stress level, and gets it right every time!"

- Lisa, New Hyde Park, NY

"My wife persuaded me to try a massage by Nicole. I have had serious back issues for many years and was skeptical. I couldn't believe how much relief she provided!"
- Frank, New Hyde Park, NY

"When you step inside Nicole's massage room, you are instantly transformed into a "mini vacation." Nicole creates an atmosphere where you can relax and know you are getting an outstanding massage experience from start to finish. I have traveled to many high end resorts and the massages there do not come close to Nicole's abilities. Nicole quickly becomes aquainted with your body and needs. For me, a massage with Nicole is not a luxury reserved for only vacations, rather a monthly necessity in keeping my body as healthy as it can be. There is no better massage therapist around."
- Sheri, Port Washington, NY
"Tired, achy muscles from overdoing it at your workout…tight, tense neck and shoulders? CALL Nicole! From the moment she warmly greets you  and walks you to her clean and soothingly scented massage room you will have already begun to relax. I have been going to Nicole for massage for quite a number of years and  I always leave feeling much better than when I walked in. I have recommended Nicole to friends and she never disappoints. And she never keeps you waiting! The Best!"
- Nancy, Little Neck, Queens
"Nicole Nahmias is a first rate Massage Therapist!!  She has amazing energy and a great knowledge of the human body. Her ability to find my "hot spots" and relieve my tension is remarkable. I always walk out feeling better!! I highly recommend Nicole!!"
- Hope, Garden City, NY
"I've been going to Nicole for weekly massages for over 12 years.  I can honestly say that I've had a great massage treatment every time.  Nicole is at the top of her trade.  Her knowledge and skills, her sensitivity and her compassion put her in a league of her own."
- Stephan, Syosset, NY
"I speak literally and figuratively when I say you are in expert hands when having a massage from Nicole! Her space is soothing, impeccably clean and the most comfortable and relaxing you can find.  She is a gem:  professional, knowledgeable, caring and responsive. Nicole is extremely well trained. Her expertise and focus on healing has helped me through various sports injuries over the years.  Nicole was recommended to me by a friend about 8 years ago and I have since recommended Nicole to my husband, in-laws and many friends. We are all lucky to have her in our lives."
- Dori, Plandome, NY

"I've been going to Nicole at Bodies Kneaded regularly for 15 years. I work long hours and I'm on my feet all day. Sometimes I'm so tired and in pain that I have to drag myself to her studio. The space is quiet and calming. Nicole is laid back and welcoming. Her capable hands soothe away the aches and tension. I leave feeling as if I'm floating on air. Give yourself the gift of an hour with Nicole or a gift certificate to a friend or family member. I have and they can't stop thanking me."

- Elizabeth, Hempstead, NY

"Nicole has that special touch that reaches deeply into the muscle  tightness to loosen you up so you can feel good again. Whether targeted areas need special attention or a general all over deep tissue massage is needed, Nicole gets to the crux of the problem. ✌️❤️"

- Robin, Great Neck, NY

"Going to Nicole twice a month for massage treatment has helped me in so many ways. I'm just coming off a very rough couple of years and holding on to a lot of stress. I also spend many hours in the gym which leads to sore muscles and body aches and pains. Adding Nicole to my planner has eased the stress and helped relieve a lot of the aches and pains of all the wear and tear on my body. A treatment with Nicole helps the mind and the body... I highly recommend adding a treatment with Nicole to anyone's busy schedule... It really does make a difference!!!!!!"

- Andrea, Great Neck, NY

"I found Nicole after struggling with headaches an migraines.  Her intuitive understanding of the body is evident from the moment she begins her massage.  I have left the massage table with noticeably less muscle tension and head pain.  I am very grateful to her for her knowledge, warmth, positive energy and of course her skilled hands!"

- Erin, Great Neck, NY
"Best thing that ever happened to me!"

- Katie, Great Neck, NY

"I have been a ballet dancer and ballroom instructor for most of my life, so receiving massages has come with the package. Now that I am a court reporter, sitting all day, I have more pain than ever.Having my massage with Nicole Nahmias is not only a-feel-good-massage, she really gets deep into the places that only requires one treatment. All the pain is gone! It's so obvious from her treatments the years of experience she has.  I wouldn't go anywhere else, nor waste my time and money anywhere else. I have experienced many other massage therapists. No one can do the job like she can."

- Emma, Garden City, NY

" Nicole is a gifted intuitive healer.  I have given up all other massage therapists because Nicole is excellent and I am spoiled!"

- Barbara, Roslyn, NY

 "Nicole provides consummate personal service.  She tailors your massage to your personal needs and health.  My lower back and hip stiffness have been practically eliminated becuse of her expertise".

- Andy, Bayside, NY

"Nicole has an excellent knowledge of the human anatomy and is able to pinpoint exactly what is causing your aches or pains. She has a gentle, but powerful touch to help ease them away with her smooth and nurturing movements. You can feel the negativity leave your body when she places her healing hands on your skin. Not only is she an exceptional massage therapist but she is also a remarkable person. She will never treat you as 'just another client' or "patient X' in a long work day. She has the gift of being personable and still professional, showing she's able to laugh with you and relieve your mental stress as well as professionally knead your muscles and alleviate stress in an entirely different way. You will never know if you are her first client of the day, or her last, because she puts equally as much energy and spirit into each and every massage."

- Olivia, Roslyn, NY

"I tend to be a perfectionist in my own profession, which requires a strong focus on diagnosis and meeting a wide range of individual needs with care and concern. Needless to say, I strive to find the same in professionals from whom I seek care. Nicole has met and exceeded my expectations as a therapist who is equally skilled at providing therapy for injury-related pain as well as creating a highly relaxing and stress reducing experience. Her warmth, bright smile and consistent level of energy and support are invaluable to me."

- Donna, Great Neck NY


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